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Why Bah Humbug Corporates are Booking Summer Parties Instead

Updated: Feb 12

There’s a scorching rise in summer parties amongst corporate bookers. But Christmas parties, in comparison, are leaving many businesses cold. The annual festive frolics once reigned supreme as the work’s do to end all works do’s. Now, summer parties are on the up. So, grab your shades. We’re diving into why summer parties are injecting sunshine-fuelled fun faster than you can say "Fire up the BBQ"!

Why the Surge in Summer Parties?

Great question. Let's shine some (sun)light on the matter:

Hot is the New Cool: Say goodbye to stuffy venues when the sun gets his hat on. And hello to alfresco cool! The great outdoors is the perfect backdrop for networking and team bonding, from rooftop gardens to beachfront hotels. Accordingly, summer parties bring a laid-back vibe, encouraging your people to kick off their shoes and let loose.

Work Hard, Play Harder: Summer’s longer days and brighter weather are ideal for rewarding your hardworking teams. Whether you fancy a treasure hunt, an outbound adventure, or an epic summer bash, these events are sure to promote camaraderie and boost staff morale.

Seasonal Sizzlers: Christmas Pudding might float your boat. But truthfully, who doesn't love mouth-watering summer food and drinks? Think ice-cold cocktails and smoky BBQ-ed fish, meat, and veggies. There’s a wealth of delicious fresh produce available. This means catering options as vibrant as the bright colours of the season.

Beat the Winter Blues: We're all in need of a little pick-me-up by the time summer rolls around. For this reason, summer parties are the perfect antidote to the winter gloom. Whereas Christmas parties are about wrapping up the year, summer parties ignite your enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Honestly, who needs mistletoe when you've got sunshine and smiles?

So, dust off those flip-flops and start planning for some fun in the sun - and when the sun does down.


At The Venue Hunters, it's my mission to connect you with the hottest summer venues when you’re planning a summer soiree.  Get in touch with me. Whether you're organising a small-scale team retreat or a company-wide bash, I’ve got you covered. With my extensive network of venues across the UK and Ireland, it’s a breeze to find the perfect setting for your summer parties.


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