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Top Tips For Planning Your Meeting, Conference Or Event 1


Location is Key - Deciding where to hold your meeting or event is vital for a number of reasons. Things to consider include accessibility i.e. good transport links, whether that be venues located near to tube or train stations, beside airports that offer regular flights to an extensive network of global locations, or within close proximity of motorway junctions if you have delegates spread across the country and likely to be travelling by car. Choosing a venue in the right location can also help significantly reduce your overall costs by alleviating the requirement for expensive taxis or other transfers.

Know your budget, and stick to it – Costs for meetings and events can quickly spiral out of your control if you don’t have a tight grip on your budget. Searching for 5 star venues when you have a 3 star budget will leave your finance team running for cover!  Decide how much you can afford to spend per person attending your meeting or event, remembering to factor in refreshments, catering and equipment into your overall costs.  Depending on what kind of meeting or event you’re planning, it may be best  to book on a per person (day delegate) rate, as this usually includes your room hire, as well as your catering and equipment.  Added extras are great, but don’t be talked into spending money you don’t have!

Flexibility on date can deliver big cost savings – Availability, and consequently costs, can vary substantially depending on when you book your meeting or event.  Tuesday to Thursday tend to be core days for meetings, training and conferences, and as these days are in high demand, they often result in you paying higher rates.  Equally, if you are planning a wedding, party and certain types of events, venues most suited for these types of bookings will likely be busier on weekends.  The more flexibility you can offer on your date, the better the rate we can secure for you.

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