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This is How You Can Assess Sustainable Venues for Events (and Why You Should)

Let’s face it, folks, sustainable venues for events are the name of the game. You’re falling seriously short in 2024 if your event isn't as green as Kermit the Frog! But finding a venue that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes can be challenging.

Well, fear not! The Venue Hunters are here, helping you navigate the green maze. Ready? Let’s dive into the sustainable sweetness washing over the events world in the eco-conscious ‘20s!

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Why Choose Sustainable Venues for Events?

Before we get into the where, when and how, here’s why sustainable venues for events are high on the agendas of so many corporate and association planners:


·       Mitigate the environmental impact of events - We all love a good get together. But the planet doesn’t appreciate the mess we leave behind. To this end, events can be eco-nightmares in terms of energy guzzling and waste production. Happily, a sustainable venue can slash this impact and make your event more environmentally responsible.


·       Skyrocket your CSR (corporate social responsibility) & brand image - Hosting your next event at a sustainable venue is a badge of honour for your brand. It’s a simple but effective way of demonstrating you care about more than just the bottom line - you’re in it for the planet, too. It’s CSR with a capital C for Cool.


·       Exceed the expectations of an eco-conscious audience – Your key stakeholders are likely savvier than ever about their environmental footprint. As a result, you might struggle to fill those seats if your event doesn’t align with their values. Sustainable venues for events aren’t just trendy. They’re increasingly a ticket to attracting a conscientious crowd.


The burning question is this. You know you want and need sustainable venues for events? But, how do you go about identifying them?

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What to Look for in Sustainable Venues


Here’s some of the key elements to get to the bottom of:


·       Carbon offsetting - Some venues go the extra mile with carbon offsetting programmes. It’s like hitting the undo button on your event’s carbon footprint.


·       Energy efficiency - The cornerstone of sustainability! With this in mind, you’ll be wanting to look for venues with LED lighting, renewable energy sources like solar panels, and smart energy-saving appliances. Better still, some sustainable venues for events have new-fangled systems to track and reduce energy use, like a Fitbit for buildings.


·       Locally produced and sustainable food - Catering is an integral part of any event’s success. But it’s where many events trip up. To avoid falling at this important hurdle, check your venue sources food locally and adheres to sustainable practices. And partner with caterers and bar suppliers who get the green thumbs-up if you're going dry hire.


·       Sustainable transportation - Eco-friendly travel continues to move up the priority list. So, choose venues near public transport hubs or that provide bike racks and electric car charging stations. After all, less driving means greener gatherings.


·       Waste management – Let’s talk rubbish! The best sustainable venues for events recycle, compost, and minimise waste like pros. Additionally, some procure suppliers who cut down on packaging and offer reusable stands and event decor. Less waste, more taste!


·       Water conservation - Seek out venues saving water, one drop at a time, with rainwater harvesting, low-flow fixtures, and water recycling systems.

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At the end of the day, you’ll ensure your event is fabulous and planet-friendly by asking the right questions and looking for key green features. And remember, whatever event trends come and go, green is always in style.


At The Venue Hunters, I completely understand sourcing sustainable venues for events can be tricky. Well, walking the green talk is easier with help. And you’re guaranteed an expert and effective FREE venue finding service with a smile.  Get in touch today to locate the perfect eco-friendly venue for your needs.


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