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Get Creative with Sustainable Event Food Options

Sustainable event food options are high on the menus of many conference and event organisers these days, (pardon the pun!). And rightly so. With innovative event sustainability measurement tools and the Net Zero Events roadmap at your fingertips, you’re now equipped to make more informed choices about your suppliers.

And with Stop Food Waste Day coming up on 26th March, what better time to sprinkle some creativity into your event planning, especially in the kitchen?

Let's look at how you can dish out a menu as kind to the planet as it is to your delegates’ tastebuds.

Level Up Your Sustainable Event Eats

Gone are the days when the only nod to non-meat eaters was a sad, solitary cheese omelette or veggie lasagne. Not that there’s anything wrong with those dishes. But they bored the hell out of folks when that’s all there was!

Since then, sustainable event food has exploded with vibrant plant-based alternatives to please the palates of vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians. So, spare a thought for a buffet where lab-grown meats, tempeh, and seitan are centre stage. You see, eco-friendly eats can be sustainable and scrummy.

Conference delegates helping themselves to food at a buffet table

Go Locavore

Forget trends. 'Locavore' menus have come a long way from corporate buzzwords.

Now, venues with purpose are making it their business to collaborate with local farms and other suppliers. As a result, they’re significantly shortening the food chain. In turn, this ensures the freshest fodder at your event. Supporting local communities while treating your guests to local delicacies and flavours - win:win!

Fresh locally produced bread and vegetables in a brown paper bag

Less Waste, More Taste

If sustainable event food is on your radar, don’t forget every aspect, right down to the napkins and cutlery. So, choose biodegradables and check proper recycling facilities are in place if you must use disposables.

But why stop there? Experiential and street foods are hot trends right now. And better still, they’re a quirky way to feed your guests while reducing waste.

Biodegradable cutlery scattered with green leaves

Prioritise Pre-Orders

Pre-orders are nothing new. But they’re the way forward for minimising waste when sit-down meals are on the agenda.

Plus, there’s an added bonus for event planners… Asking delegates and guests for pre-orders from a limited choice menu encourages them to RSVP on time. The result? Every dish prepared finds a happy home.

Wooden blocks spelling out PRE ORDER

Swap Paper and Plastic for Thoughtful Table Favours

It’s time to wave goodbye to bin-bound branded-to-the-hilt paper and plastic tat! In contrast, how about trying locally sourced table favours instead? For example:

·       Artisan biscuits or chocolates

·       Mini Christmas puddings (at pre-festive events)

·       Homemade chutneys or jams

·       Cheese truckles

These tasty gifts leave your stakeholders with a lasting impression and a taste of local craftsmanship.

Two stacked square boxes of artisan chocolates

Save Leftovers from the Scrap Heap

Don’t let leftovers go to waste. Far better to let surplus food go to those in need, while mitigating waste at the same time.

There are more and more organisations offering these services if your venue doesn’t already have a preferred partner. So, there’s no excuse not to be a legend after your own lunchtime!

FIGHT FOOD WASTE spelled in vegetable graphics

 At The Venue Hunters, we understand the need for sustainable event options to reflect your values and the growing environmental consciousness of your audience. And we’ve got all bases covered, from the venue to the menu. 

If this is speaking to you, drop me a line for free and non-obligatory venue finding and supplier sourcing support. And let’s get everything in place for a sustainable event that nails place, product, price, people and planet.


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