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5 Top Team Away Day Ideas for 2024

On the lookout for team away day ideas to recharge your staff’s batteries and keep their creative juices flowing?  Brilliant call! It's the perfect recipe for shaking up the daily grind and bonding over something fun and memorable. But, coming up with suitable team away day ideas can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

That's where The Venue Hunters come in, scouring the globe (well, almost) to bring you some of the most wildly popular team away day ideas to have your people buzzing with excitement.

1. Circus Skills Workshop

A slightly wacky contender on your list of potential team away day ideas, based on the moderately successful Cirque de Celebrité TV show. But corporate clients assure me it’s exhilarating IRL! So, what can you expect?

·        Learn crazy new tricks – Imagine going to circus school for juggling, tightrope walking, and stilt walking! Now you can!

·        Boost confidence – Of course it does when you suddenly find yourselves performing the seemingly impossible.

·        Rise to the challenge – Get everyone taking a giant leap outside their comfort zones.

It's a unique way to nurture both self-confidence and camaraderie, as colleagues cheer each other on through nail-biting new skills.

Male trapeze artists in a blue & white striped outfit and black bowler hat performing in an aerial hoop.

2. Cookery School

Food is the universal language of love – and team bonding! It’s not the most ‘out there’ of team away day ideas. But it’s always a ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’. Here’s why:

  • Ladle and learn – Leverage pro tips and techniques in purpose-built kitchens.

  • Roast and revel - Cook up a storm and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards.

  • Give something back - Look into donating your culinary masterpieces to local charities.

All in all, a delicious way to bond, learn new skills, get competitive, and even benefit the local community.

A group of men and women in aprons at a nob with a frying pan at a cookery school.

3. Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt

Ready to turn your team into modern day adventurers? State-of-the-art treasure hunts leveraging interactive event apps are the way to go. These events enable you to:

  • Customise - Explore your chosen location, solving clues and completing challenges.

  • Collaborate – Level up the team spirit as you navigate through challenges and score points.

  • Interact outdoors - Enjoy the fresh air while getting swept up in the excitement of a real-life adventure game.

Today’s treasure hunts use gamification to encourage friendly competition, besides being a thoroughly enjoyable activity for your team to do.

A group of men and women in outdoor wear and numbers with clipboards.

4. It’s a Knockout

This isn’t the newest of team away day ideas on the block. But it’s a no-brainer for teams thriving on action and adrenaline. So, what does it bring to the human football table?

·        Participate in loony games - Enjoy the sheer silliness of games like giant inflatable volleyball, human skittles, and more.

·        Pump up energy levels - Get everyone involved in hilarious, high-octane activities.

·        Go to battle - Ideal for those who love a bit of competition – in the daftest possible way.

Recreate the wild and wacky appeal of the classic game show and watch your team dive gleefully into the madness.

A group of men and women helping each other over a ramp on an obstacle course.

5. Wellness Walks

Nature is the ultimate stress buster for over-performing teams. This is why a refreshing nature walk with targeted mindfulness sessions is a truly rejuvenating reward for stretched staff:

  • Fill your lungs and senses – Inhale the great outdoors and momentarily dial down the pace.

  • Get mindful - Incorporate yoga, meditation, breath work, and positive affirmation sessions.

  • Bring the festival vibes – Sharing feasts, toasted marshmallows and chats around the fire pit transform your away day into a mini wellbeing festival.

Your employees work hard. Why not work wonders for their mental wellness in return? 

A group of young men and women in casual clothing, toasting marshmallows at a fire pit.


Let us take the stress out of hunting down venues and the best team away day ideas. Whether you're looking to mix business with pleasure, activities, hotel accommodation, log cabins or even teepees, our free venue finding services and supplier sourcing has got you covered.

Get in touch today to create a memorable, impactful experience. You can rely on our expertise and commitment as the missing pieces in the teamwork that makes the dream work.


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