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Why Use a Venue Finding Agent?

Using a reputable venue finding agent is a win:win solution for busy corporate event planners. But it’s such a no-brainer you might be slightly cynical and wary. After all, when things sound too good to be true they usually are! So, there must be hidden catches and costs you didn’t spot in the small print.

But every working hour is revolving around endless internet searches. You’re going cross-eyed chasing quotes that are playing hide-and-seek. And rate negotiations are turning your hair grey. So, isn’t it time to ditch the solo struggle and enlist a professional to do the legwork?

I know I’m biased, (for obvious reasons!). But, perhaps it’s time to give a venue finding agent a whirl, even if you’ve had your reservations in the past.

Good Reason #1 to Use a Venue Finding Agent

Imagine this:

·        No more spending precious time trawling the web for potentially suitable venues

·        No more sending email enquiries that vanish into cyberspace

·        No more playing phone tag with hotel and venue staff who seem to have developed the superpower of invisibility

In short, no more finding frenzies when you’ve got a savvy venue finding agent in your back pocket.

Good Reason #2

Working with an expert agent not only saves you time, (that precious commodity you’ve never got enough of), but also money, (yes, you read that right!). This is how works…

Hotels and venues treat venue finding agents as an extended salesforce. They love it when an agent hands over business they might not otherwise have got. So, they’re more than happy to pay agent commission. That hopefully busts the myth you foot the bill with inflated rates.

In addition, hotel and venue salespeople shower agents with exclusive deals and discounts to pass on to you, the lucky client. Think of it as VIP access without the eye-watering price tag.

Good Reason #3

Any agent worth their weight in salt is like a walking black book of contacts. And it’s not just in the UK they’re well-connected and know their stuff. It’s a leading agent’s job to build relationships with hotel chains and venues across the globe. This means you can leverage their insider connections to unlock doors (and hidden discounts!), whether you're planning a board meeting in Bali or a product launch in Peterborough.  

Good Reason #4

Like George Michael sang, “Freedom!. Let your venue finding agent handle the venue hunt, haggle with hotels, and leave you free to focus on the good stuff – like brainstorming a killer conference programme and perfecting your dance moves for the after party.


In a nutshell, prepare to wave goodbye to venue finding woes and hello to event ease. But a final word of warning. Stress-free venue finding means enlisting the services of a reputable venue finding agent with experience, industry knowledge, and a personality that makes you want to shout "YAAAAS, QUEEN!". After all, planning an event should be fun, not a chore!


Found this helpful? You’re going to love the real thing. Get in touch with me at The Venue Hunters next time a new meeting, conference or event lands on your desk. I promise it will feel like having a personal concierge for all your venue finding needs. At the end of the day, you get the ideal hotel or venue without the logistical headaches.



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