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Why Do Corporates Love Themed Events?

Themed events are the secret sauce in the condiment tray of savvy corporate event organisers. You see, they’re not just about fancy dress and putting up props. On the contrary, themed events are strategic tools for many reasons.

Now, we’re not just talking about perennial classics like Christmas and Halloween. In addition, Burn's Night, Valentine's Day, Easter, Summer Solstice, and St. Patrick's Day events are wildly popular.

So, let’s look over a four-leaf clover at why corporates go potty for them - and why finding the right venue is your ace in the pack.

A man and woman in fancy dress with green drinks for St Patrick's Day.

The Endless Possibilities Themed Events Offer Organisers

Themed events are immersive experiences with almost infinite options to choose from.

Take St. Patrick's Day as an example. It's a no-brainer for awe-inspiring themed events. Imagine your event space transformed into a slice of the Emerald Isle, with traditional Irish music setting your heart racing, and the air thick with the aroma of and Irish stew and oven fresh soda bread. Your guests are greeted on arrival with a cheeky Shamrock cocktail or a warming, velvety Irish coffee.

But it's not just about the food and drink, (although, let's be honest, they're a massive part of any event!).

In addition, there are loads of compelling entertainment options, such as:

·        Irish dancing demo and lesson - Treating your guests to a pro demo by Irish dancers is fabulous. But throwing in an Irish dancing lesson adds a fun and culturally enriching interactive element.


·        Whiskey tasting masterclass - Who wouldn't want to become a whiskey connoisseur for the day with a hosted whiskey tasting session?


·        St. Paddy’s Day playlist - Turn the dancefloor green with floor fillers by The Corrs, Hozier, Westlife, The Cranberries, Fontaines DC, The Pogues, Van Morrison, and U2 to name but a few.

As you can see, themed events almost do half the work for you. But how do your stakeholders feel about it?

A black person picking up colourful Easter eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt.

What’s Behind the Ongoing Love Affair with Themed Events?

Simply put, themed events enable you to indulge your people in the sheer joy of escapism. But there’s more.

You might not have thought about themed events in terms of your DEI strategy. But they’re opportunities to celebrate diversity and different cultures in an entertaining and inclusive way. Additionally, they nurture a sense of community and belonging beyond the everyday business, encouraging your staff to learn, laugh, and let loose.

The leading question is, where?

A group of people in extravagant fancy dress at a Halloween party.

The Crucial Role of the Venue

Now, let's talk about the venue because, oh, how it matters! And it's not just having enough space. It's about finding somewhere to complement and enhance your chosen theme, because your venue becomes an integral part of the story you're telling.

Think about a space where your guests will be transported to another time or place. For example:

·        A castle for Burn's Night

·        A blooming garden for Easter

·        An urban oasis for the Summer Solstice

At the end of the day, themed events like St. Patrick's and the rest of them are unique blends of cultural celebration, creativity, and connection. Why wouldn’t they be a favourite among corporate planners?

And when they’re coupled with the perfect venue, theme events are more than parties. They’re inspirational experiences.

A young woman wearing a crown of flowers for Summer Solstice.


If you’re interested in organising themed events, here are two ways I can help you:


  • Finding amazing out-of-the ordinary venues and spaces that fly under the radar

  • Sourcing mind-blowing event suppliers for your every catering, décor, entertainment, and technical need


Drop me a line at The Venue Hunters’ for free and non-obligatory support. And here's to finding the perfect venue and suppliers for an event as magical as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!



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