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Why Corporate Events for the Euros 2024 are Scoring Big

It's time to get your corporate events in gear as the countdown to the UEFA Euros 2024 gets in full swing. This crowd-pleasing tournament kicks off on Friday 14th June. And what better way to celebrate than combining it with your next event?

At The Venue Hunters, we'll show you why screening major football tournaments (and other sporting events too) is the game-changing move your next team building bash or client soirée needs.

Let’s dive right into how to make your corporate event a winner!

Big screen match viewing at a corporate event, with cheering people holding drinks.

3 Brilliant Reasons to Organise Corporate Events Showing Euros Matches

There are many and varied god reasons to make big Euros games the focus of corporate events. Here are a few of the main ones:


·       Bring the Team Together Over a Shared Passion - Sporting events transcend age, culture, and language, making them perfect icebreakers. Even the shyest team members will find themselves chanting with joy when their national team scores that winning goal. The electric atmosphere will have everyone buzzing, creating a 'we're in this together' vibe.


·       Spoil Your Key Clients and Stakeholders - Shared experiences build lasting relationships, and the thrill of the Euros is no exception. In fact, it’s a plum opportunity to host a private screening at a hotel, bar, restaurant or other venue where you can treat your top clients like royalty. Not to mention throwing in some subtle marketing to showcase your brand in a relaxed and non-salesy environment.


·       Create a Social Media Buzz – Aspire to going viral? A beautifully decorated venue, team jerseys, and epic goals make for highly shareable content. So, keep your crowd completely engaged quizzes, half-time competitions, and photo booths with branded props - and watch your company hashtag soar.

But, how do you stay on the ball when it comes to organising corporate events folks talk about long after the final whistle blows?

Big screen match viewing at a corporate event, with five men wearing football shirts raising their glasses for a toast.

The Game Plan for Championship Corporate Events

Here are the main tasks that should be at the top of your to-do list if you’re not yet sorted:


  • Pick the Perfect Venue – Location impacts attendance levels. So, opt for venues easy to access and central to your office. And size matters too. But there’s plenty of fabulous venue choices for every shape and size of corporate events, from intimate lounges to sprawling roof gardens. And did we mention ensuring your chosen venue has suitable AV equipment for stress-free match screening?


  • Achieve Your Goals with Striking Food & Drinks – It goes without saying to keep the drinks flowing (responsibly) with regularly replenished beer buckets and wine stations. Or why not step it up a notch with themed cocktails and snacks reflecting the nations playing? And ensure guests are well-fuelled with quick half-time snacks.


·       Spice it Up with Fun Activities – The possibilities for having fun while reinforcing your relationships are endless with football-themed corporate events. For example, face paints bring out everyone's inner fan, and mini penalty shootouts (if you’ve got the space) or trivia quizzes keep energy levels high. And at the end of the event, send your guests home with memorable swag, from football novelties to branded merchandise.

The Euros trophy and a football on the pitch.


Ready to Kick Off?

The good news is you don’t tackle the challenge alone. Our FREE expert venue finding service helps turn corporate events for the Euros screening into the best do’s of the season.

Resident event guru Rachel will find you the ultimate place to tick all your boxes, guaranteeing you’ll have:

  • The best view whether it’s a big screen in a beer garden or private booth seating in an exclusive bar

  • Tailored services from bespoke menus to customised drinks packages

  • Effortless enquiry handling so you can focus on celebrating your wins

Get in touch with The Venue Hunters today and let’s make your event the talk of the tournament!


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