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Try Experiential Events for a Corporate Twist

With experiential events on the up an up, boring boardrooms are so last year. And gone are the days when a nice meal or a round of pool was enough to entertain the troops. Today’s event planners (and their stakeholders) are looking for more. Much more. They want excitement and a dash of the unexpected.

Enter venues for the exact event organiser on the hunt for ‘something different’.

Whether it’s cocktail making at Revolution Bars or tossing dough at Pizza Express, the demand for unique, interactive experiences is soaring. So, let’s uncover why experiential events are taking the corporate scene by storm.

Group of young men and women having fun at a cocktail making experience in a bar.

Why are Experiential Events Stealing the Show?

Take a stroll down any high street. You’ll likely be greeted by a range of exciting options, such as:

·       Indoor crazy golf

·       Escape rooms

·       Axe throwing

·       Immersive digital gaming

·       Darts

·       Target shooting

·       Roller disco

Dining with the Fawlty Towers staff from hell? Yep, that’s on the menu too.

So, why are these venues so popular with the corporate crowd?  

·       They create stories.

·       They’re engaging, interactive, and perfect for team bonding.

·       They bring out the best (and sometimes the funniest) in everyone.

And let's be honest, who wouldn’t want to see their boss trying to escape from a locked room or getting trounced at immersive Squid Game?

What’s more, they’re also the answer to many a corporate event organiser’s prayers.

A young man and woman playing Squid Game at an interactive gaming venue.

 What are the Key Challenges When Planning Corporate Social Events?

Planning a corporate event isn’t all glitz and glamour. In contrast, it comes with its own set of challenges, often causing event organisers serious headaches -  and way too much precious time.

The pain point list includes the following dilemmas:

·       Diverse Preferences and Age Groups - Juggling the varied tastes and preferences of a multi-generational workforce is no small feat. For example, the younger crowd might crave adventure and tech-forward experiences, while more seasoned stakeholders might prefer something more relaxed and conventional.


·       Pressure to Stand Out - The overwhelming pressure to organise buzzy, fun, 'post-worthy' events is real.


·       Different Corporate Cultures - Different businesses and sectors have different cultures. Think of it like this. What works for a tech start-up might not suit a law firm. For this reason, it’s crucial to come up with adaptable event options to suit varying corporate vibes.


The number of different boxes to be ticked is scary. But, event planning should be fun not fearful. And it can be when you hit on a winning activity.

A man throwing an axe at a target in an axe throwing venue.

How Experiential Events Transform Pain Points to Pleasure

Enter experiential events, knocking these problems clean on the head! Here’s how these very ‘now’ soirees save the day:

·        Customise Experiences - These venues offer a wide range of activities to suit different age groups and preferences, ensuring everyone has a banger.


·        Make a Lasting Impression - Experiential events make memories with quirky and innovative offerings.


·        Get More Bangs Per Buck – Many of these venues provide packages including meeting space, multiple activities, food, and drinks, offering optimal value for money, plus the convenience of everything under one roof.

A young blonde woman playing indoor crazy golf at an indoor venue.

At The Venue Hunters, our free, expert venue finding service goes beyond hotels and traditional venues. In addition, I’ll help you explore the best experiential venues around to fit your needs, budget, and corporate culture.

Get in touch when you’re ready to take your next corporate event from mundane to mega.


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