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How to Plan Staff Training Events Offsite

Been roped in and now you’re left wondering how to plan staff training events? Or just too busy to really get your teeth into it? Don’t worry, The Venue Hunters have got your back.

Done right, staff training events can make your team perform like superheroes on rocket fuel. Done wrong, well, you might as well have saved your money and hosted a snooze-fest PowerPoint presentation in the office.

So, let’s take a closer look at how to plan staff training events that’ll knock their socks off.

Business people having a group high five!

Why Training Matters - and Why it Needs to be Awesome

You already know staff development is crucial. But there’s no harm in recapping the perks of killer training events:

  • Boost staff morale – After all, a happy team is a productive team.

  • Skyrocket engagement - Keep them interested, and they’ll perform better.

  • Level up results - Who doesn’t love a team that consistently nails it?

  • Reduce turnover - Invest in your team, and they’ll stick around longer.

So, you’re all good on the whys. The burning question is how to plan staff training events to turn these goals into reality.

A group of business people smiling and clapping at an event.

Make It Seriously Fun

Training doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, it shouldn’t be. For this reason, think about spicing things up with interactive games, competitions, and the latest event tech to keep everyone engaged.

You might want to consider modern tools and techniques such as:

·        Live polls and Q&A sessions - Use big screens to display real-time responses. It’s like a game show, but with learning.


·        Social media live streaming - Share the fun and insights with a broader audience. It’s a great way to showcase your company culture far and wide.


·        Ice breakers and team building - Some light-hearted activities are a brilliant way to help everyone relax and bond, especially if a % of stakeholders don’t know each other well. In contrast, these activities can strengthen relationships and make the training more enjoyable, even if your team is already close-knit.


But it’s not just what you do. It’s also where you do it.

A business conference with a speaker and large screen.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the perfect venue is key when you’re navigating how to plan staff training events for optimal ROI. Here are some main points for making a happy match between place and people:


·       Choose the right spot - Your venue needs to fit the bill in terms of size and facilities. It might sound like stating the obvious, but think tables, chairs, audio visual equipment, and catering. And always keep at heart why you’re doing it, to provide a setting that will work wonders for inspiration and engagement.


·       Ensure accessibility - Your venue must be accessible for all team members. So, start your search early to secure the best place. And give yourself time to visit and iron out details. 


·       Create to right atmosphere - Don’t underestimate the power of ambiance. For this purpose, choose a venue that supports your training goals and creates a conducive learning environment. Keep in mind you’re booking and paying for an offsite location to provide a fresh perspective and energise your team.

At the end of the day, it might seem like a lot of work when you’re pondering how to plan staff training events offsite. But trust us, the results are worth it. So, go ahead, skip the dull presentations, and design an experience that’s entertaining besides educational.

Your team will thank you. And you’ll see the benefits in their performance and engagement.

A small group of engaged business people in a breakout room at an event.

 Get in touch with The Venue Hunters about how to plan staff training. We can help with expert venue finding of hotels, training centres, and out of the ordinary venues, plus team building activities and motivational speakers.

What are you waiting for? Start planning a compelling training event today and watch your team soar to new heights. 


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