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How to Elevate Awards Events from Nice to Non-Negotiable

Updated: Feb 27

Awards events cause a buzz that's hard to ignore. After all, who can resist the iconic BAFTAs and Grammys or the star-studded Brits and Oscars? But the back-slapping and glitz isn’t just for celebrities and blockbuster films. Corporate awards events are having their moment in the spotlight, too.

In fact, awards events stand tall while other event trends come and go like the seasons. Ever wondered why? Obviously, they’re a celebration of excellence and a hat tip to your rockstars who’ve gone above and beyond. But the magic of corporate awards events doesn't stop there.

In addition, they’re a networking and PR powerhouse when you get strategic. Here are a few savvy ways you can leverage your annual awards to justify ROI and support overall business goals…

Awards Events are Great and All, but What do they Achieve?

Here’s the scoop on making your awards events more than flash bashes:

·        Reward and recognition = motivation – You already know corporate awards events send a clear message to your people - excellence is recognised and celebrated here. It boosts morale but also motivates teams, when they know their efforts might be rewarded in front of their colleagues and superiors.


·        Networking masterclass – Imagine a room filled with the movers, shakers, and opinion formers in your sector, all gathered in a setting that's electric with excitement and opportunity. It's the perfect backdrop to start conversations, swap business cards, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations.


·        External engagement - Award events are prime opportunities to deepen relationships with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. For example, how about getting your clients or suppliers to sponsor an award category or buy into a branding package? It enhances visibility and generates goodwill. Moreover, offering seats on the judging panel gives key clients a unique insider perspective and deepens your professional and personal connection with them.


·        Reputation management - A well-planned awards event is a powerful PR tool. So, why not extend your reach beyond the venue by securing media coverage, through your local press or sector specific channels? Be the news by:


Ø  Highlighting award winners

Ø  Showcasing sponsor contributions

Ø  Sharing compelling event stories


Another thing. Media coverage provides a platform to communicate your company values, achievements, and thought leadership. In turn, it enhances your public image and employer branding.


So, come down off the fence and get strategic. Because awards events are for getting noticed and building a stronger, more connected community besides celebrating achievements, (although it’s great you do). 


Thinking about hosting an awards event? Get in touch with me at The Venue Hunters for inspirational venue ideas to take your next awards events to a different level. Who knows, it might become the highlight of your corporate calendar, sparking stories and partnerships that add to your company’s success story.




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