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How Corporate Hospitality Turns Your B2B Relationships from Cold to Gold

Corporate hospitality is a golden opportunity to step up your relationship-building game. And April is the time of year many businesses make a start, at Aintree, inviting key clients and prospects to dress up for a glitzy at the Grand National.

You can see it now, can’t you? The thrills and spills of racing’s crown jewel over canapés and bottomless fizz?

There’s a real allure, and we’re often approached by clients eager for corporate hospitality recommendations to dazzle their guests or celebrate their staff. So, what should you focus on when you’re getting ready to impress?

Choose Relevant Corporate Hospitality

Knowing your audience is crucial when you’re choosing an event for corporate hospitality.

For example:

·       Client Preferences - It wouldn't be wise to splurge on a premium Grand Prix package, only to discover your clients couldn’t care any less about motor racing if they tried!


·       Availability - Do your guests prefer weekdays, weekends, or specific times of day?

Tailoring the experience is key to making an impact.

The Grand National does a great job at this, though it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, because nothing is. But there are other ridiculously popular options to consider.

A group of young women dressed up in glamorous dresses and hats, cheering at the side of a racecourse.

Cheltenham Cheer

Ask anyone about the best atmosphere in sports, and Cheltenham might just top the list. This four-day carnival is known for its party vibes and 'Cheltenham roar', peaking with the legendary Cheltenham Gold Cup. Networking simply doesn’t get more impressive and effective than this.

A group of five businessmen cheering and drinking beer in the stands at a racecourse.

Concerts are Class

2024 is set to be a stellar year for music in the UK. Not only are megastars like Taylor Swift and Coldplay hitting the stage, but there’s the opening of the hotly anticipated new state-of-the-art arena in Manchester, attracting crowd-pulling names like Peter Kay, Take That, and Stevie Nicks.

Most major live venues offer a variety of corporate hospitality options, including VIP tickets with prime seating, and exclusive access to private boxes complete with fine dining and all the perks.

A panormanic view of the stage and crowd at an arena concert.

Fashion Forward in London

Looking for something ultra stylish, dah-ling? London Fashion Week is an inspired choice, especially among female clients. Better still, you might not be aware but corporate hospitality packages to this ultimately glamorous gathering offer surprisingly good value.

And if you really want to go to town, don’t forget the other major fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, and New York.

Models on the catwalk at a fashion show, with the audience seated on either side.

A Wimbledon Win

Wimbledon needs no introduction. The most prestigious tennis tournament on the planet is a two-week cultural phenomenon. It attracts celebs, royals, and global attention with quintessentially English delights like strawberries and Pimm’s.

Additionally, there’s the not small matter of the sport’s elite athletes competing on the hallowed turf beneath Henman Hill… or Murray Mount, whatever it’s called these days. The iconic Centre Court seats 15,000 lucky spectators. So, it’s a true triumph in corporate hospitality to secure a coveted spot.

A bottle of champagne, glass bowl of strawberries, tennis racket and balls on grass.

Uplevel the Experience

Corporate hospitality is about creating shared memories and strengthening bonds, whether it’s the thrill of the race, the enchantment of haute couture, or the electricity of live music.

So, don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to making every moment – and penny - count for your guests and your business!


The Venue Hunters specialise in tailoring corporate hospitality experiences, ensuring your key clients and hot prospects feel valued and wow-ed.


Get in touch for everything from fast-track entries and gourmet meals to the best seats in the house and group accommodation.


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