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Double the Impact or Double the Trouble? The Hybrid Events Debate

Hybrid events became a buzzword during the dark lockdown days of the early 20s. And unlike multi-coloured foot-shaped social distance markers outside supermarkets, they’ve shifted from the past to the present – and the future.

 So, let's dive into hybrid events, those game-changing gatherings merging the physical and digital. Is it really the best of both worlds? Spoiler alert. It looks promising!

What are Hybrid Events Anyway?

Imagine an event where you can shake hands, clink glasses, and swap business cards in one corner of the world, while somebody three continents away tunes in wearing their PJs. That's hybrid!

These dynamic ‘together: apart’ soirees fulfil a greater purpose than streaming a live event online. By comparison, they create integrated experiences where attendees in heels or slippers feel equally engaged.

And there’s plenty of juicy benefits to get excited about.

Young black woman waving at laptop screen

Discover Opportunities Galore!

Hybrid events are shaking up the MICE market in a fabulous way by:

·       Widening audience reach - Hosting a regional conference? Why not globalise it? You can engage audiences from Tyneside to Tokyo to Toronto, while managing a more intimate crowd on-site at your chosen venue.


·       Saving money - These events can be a major budget booster, significantly reducing costs by cutting down on physical space and scaling the audience digitally.


·       Making events greener and guilt-free - Hybrid events are a darling of eco-conscious crowds, shrinking your environmental footprint besides your expenses.


There’s lots of boxes getting ticked. But, is everything really so rosy in the garden?

Live audience at hybrid event waving at two remote attendees on a big screen

Challenges? Yes, but Nothing We Can’t Handle!

Truthfully, it’s not all unicorns and party cakes. Hybrid events come with their fair share of technical tantrums and logistical quirks.

The key to smoothing these bumps? Stellar planning and tech-savvy events and venue suppliers who know their stuff. Getting the right blend of high-quality streaming, interactive features, and some serious digital flair ensures your live and online audiences are glued to their seats and screens.

Pair of hands filming a corporate event

Keep Everyone Happy and Included

One of the trickier parts is making sure no one feels like they're getting the short end of the stick. Virtual attendees shouldn’t feel like flies on the wall. They need to be ‘in the room’ where the action’s happening.

This is where innovative event platforms come into play, offering tools for real-time interaction, networking zones, and more. So, think about creating those "wish you were here" moments, no matter where “here” is.

A group of business people raising a glass of bubbly, with platters of canapes, at a conference.

Make Your Audiences the Real MVPs

Let's face it, the pandemic changed the game, and hybrid events score big on the flexibility front in terms of:

·       Personal comfort levels

·       Greater attendance opportunities for people with health or mobility concerns, (including the neurodivergent stakeholders and introverts who’ve rooted for this for years!)

·       Choice of how to participate, which can boost attendance and ensure a more engaged, enthusiastic crowd

It’s about giving power to the people dialling in from their living rooms or stepping into the venue.

Five people around a desk watching an online presentation of a computer screen.

So, Are Hybrid Events the Best of Both Worlds?

It’s subjective. But, at the end of the day, they combine the irreplaceable energy of in-person interactions with the expansive reach and convenience of digital platforms. And as we shift towards new, eco-conscious and inclusive event objectives, hybrid stands out as a multi-purpose choice to meet the diverse needs of today's event audiences.

A woman at a desk with a laptop in her home office.

Ready to plan your next event? Choose the hybrid model and watch your event skyrocket from a gathering to a global phenomenon.

Get in touch with us today, at The Venue Hunters, and discover how our hand-picked hybrid-friendly venues and expert suppliers take the tricky out of tech for face-to-face / screen-to-screen / face-to-screen events that run like well-oiled machines.


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