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Can We Bust the Myth Company Festivals are Just Parties?

Company festivals are all the rage. And it's not just because everyone loves a good knees-up (although, let's be honest, that's a big part of it). Which begs the question – Why are more and more organisations trading boardrooms for big tops?

It’s clear company festivals are becoming the go-to for businesses looking for fresh and fun ways to:

·       Boost staff morale

·       Nurture team spirit

·       Reward and recognise hard work and achievement

Let's dive into why these festival-themed fun days are stealing the corporate spotlight.

A group of dressed down young people cheering with glitter confetti at a company festival.

Everybody’s Invited

PowerPoint presentations or sitting through yet another seminar isn’t everybody’s idea of fun. But company festivals? They’re a shared experience like no other, serving up a buffet of activities catering to all tastes and abilities, from crafts for the creatively inclined to live music for getting your groove on. Not to mention mouth-watering street food to satisfy every hungry appetite.

Boost Your Employer Branding

Company festivals are a marketer's dream, with your company's name in lights, flags waving, and photo walls plastered with your brand colours and logo. These elements keep your brand front and centre, while cultivating a sense of inclusion and belonging among your team members.

Company Festivals Build a Stronger, More Connected Company Culture

Fun and games are essential parts of any respectable summer party. But company festivals break down those office walls at a deeper level, by:

  • Enabling interdepartmental connection

  • Showcasing your company’s people and values with impactful content

  • Providing a relaxed environment for bonds to form and solidify 

A young black man smiling and having his face painted by a female face painter with pink hair.

Promote Employee Wellbeing and Put a Blast on Productivity

You’re already aware happy employees are productive employees. For this purpose, company festivals offer a perfect solution, fuelling wellbeing and engagement with activities like meditation, yoga, even ice baths and fire walking!

Maximise Reward and Recognition

Want to show your love for your hardworking team and celebrate its rockstars? What better way to demonstrate how much they’re valued than with an experience they’ll love and remember?

Isn’t it time to bring the Glastonbury spirit to your next corporate event? 

A group of dressed down young people chatting, laughing, dancing and singing at a festival.


Why stress over finding the perfect venue or the best activity ideas when you can leave it all to us? Our FREE venue finding services and supplier sourcing has you covered, whether you're blending business with pleasure or on the hunt for unique accommodation like log cabins or teepees.

Our expertise and commitment will turn your festival dreams into reality. Get in touch today to ensure your next event is nothing short of spectacular.


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